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Signature & Simplicity


DSC_4912-2 copy 2The Signature Session

Our Studio is best recognized and sought after for its custom Signature Session.

This session is designed with each individual family in mind, carefully planned in detail starting with a choice of location, clothing and a hand selection of images you’ll love.  We will connet prior to your session for a complimentary 20 minute pre-session consultation because we have found it beneficial for our clients.  You’ll make better clothing choices, important details are revealed and that all leads to beautiful images you’ll treasure.

We have found that our clients’ homes are one of the most popular venues for a session.  With meaning and connection surrounding you and your family, each image carries a significance that will last a lifetime.  Most sessions at home take place both indoors and outdoors, upstairs and down—with each backdrop offering the best of your surroundings.

For clients looking to add a little variety to their already existing family gallery or connect with the New England landscape, there are plenty of local venues within a short drive.  We often arrange for sessions to be held at Weir Farm, Ambler Farm, a nearby beach or a park you know and love.

Within 10 days of your session, you’ll review your images.  A 30 minute complimentary design appointment is highly suggested and available to you. Here, you’ll be able to choose from roughly 30 images from your session, and will place your an order at this time. We have found that our clients appreciate our guidance through this part of the process –it really is a lot of fun to relive the session and help you make the best choices for your family.


Session Fees:

Signature Session Fee Weekdays – $350

Signature Session Fee Weekends – $450

Your session fee includes the above but does not include your images, either digital or printed.  These are purchased separately.  Most of our products are offered on an a-la-carte basis.  Each family and each circumstance is different, and we believe in giving our clients an open palette from which to choose. There are times when select packages come in handy, and for those whose buying needs warrant it, we offer a limited number of collections; product packages start at $495. We are happy to discuss our pricing with you prior to securing your session.




The Simplicity Session


From time to time we offer an abbreviated version of our signature session at a local spot like Weir Farm or at a mutually agreed upon location.  Limited to 30 minutes with 10 to 12 images from which to choose, this is often times a great choice for an in-between session or a quick catch-up moment.  We find that they work best for up to five people over the age of two if done on a sibling or individual basis.  If under that age range, parents are to be part of the session along with their child.

Simplicity Session Fee Weekdays – $185

Simplicity Session Fee Weekends – $285

Like Signature Sessions, your creation fee covers our time together during the session and your choice of an on-line presentation of hand-selected images or if your prefer, a 20 minute in-person appointment to view your images and place an order.  Simplicity Sessions packages start at $249; a la carte pricing is available as well.  Please contact us for details.

Our Simplicity Session Calendar is Full for the months of November and December 2015; we are still accepting Signature Session clients for the balance of 2015.







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